Ahad S.



Photography and family are the two most important facets of my life. As early as I can remember, my father always captured all of our memories, no matter how mundane. We have over 4 decades of photos and videos that serve as a central reminder of our family’s past. The ever-present, but never-invasive cameras in my life led me to a natural fascination with capturing everything I see. I’d spend the majority of my life playing with different cameras, reliving past memories, and eventually spreading the ethos of preserving memories to everyone around me.

I’m infinitely grateful to have so much of my life documented by my family, my friends, and myself. Celebration is such a central part of my culture and it’s extremely comforting to be able to revisit any year of my life via the celebrations that were captured. Now, as someone who is always pushing the forefront of media, I know how important representation really is.

Growing up, I never saw myself in the world. My goal now is to create that representation and celebrate the diversity in the world. I will continue to celebrate my culture and myself – past, present, and future.