Susan C.



I’m Rui Susan Chen, a Dartmouth MBA graduate, chef, Brooklynite, and world traveler. I started Madame Susan Sauces as a way to bring people together over food. I saw the need for versatile sauces that can elevate a meal when I led a multi-cultural food camp kitchen at Burning Man. Transforming that idea into a business plan, I concocted a range of sauces so you can experience the artistry of my cuisine from the comfort of your kitchen.  The flavors of my sauces take inspiration from my Chinese-Canadian Heritage, my travels, and Julia Child–I like to give a little “French flair” to my recipes. 

I was born in Fuzhou, South Eastern China, growing up in Canada, then Texas. As a child, I was fascinated by food from different cultures. Some of my earliest memories were watching my grandfather cook traditional Fujianese dishes. Later in Canada, I learned with the Haida Nation of British Columbia how they prepared smoked salmon for ceremonies.  I then started experimenting with cooking using cookbooks I found at the local library while also watching my dad, who loved to cook as well. I channel my passion for food into every bottle of sauce. With Madame Susan, you’ll never eat bad again. What sets Madame Susan apart from larger sauce companies is our commitment to quality and transparency. My sauces are crafted with all-natural ingredients, prioritizing health and flavor. We’re on a mission to obtain an organic certification, and we do not use additives like high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives.  All Madame Susan Sauces are 100% vegan, and some are gluten-free too. Our goal is to make your food incredibly tasty AND healthy.

My belief is simple: “Food is our love language.” As a small, minority woman-owned company, my goal is to help people create memorable food experiences. I welcome my customer’s feedback and am currently working on a sauce forum for my website,