Though it wasn’t intentional, my political awakening happened in childhood when I learned of the Free Tibet movement on a TV show and asked my mom what the deal was with Tibet. Her dismissive and uninformative answer–“Tibet is part of China, end of story”–left me so unsatisfied that it spurred me to seek out answers for why the movement existed, eventually setting me on the path to solidarity with all oppressed peoples everywhere.

I stand with Falasteen/Palestine today because I stand with Tibet, and I stand with Tibet because I know that ethnosupremacy of any kind is immoral and unbearably cruel. It is unjust to treat Chinese people (be they ethnic Han or otherwise) and Jews as inherently disloyal, or as shadow menaces to be eradicated from the so-called United States. It is equally unjust to subject Tibetans and Palestinians to surveillance, mass incarceration, rampant displacement, and the suppression of their identities, be it the erasure of the Tibetan language in the name of Sinification or the destruction of Palestinian farms. I cannot diminish your safety without ultimately diminishing my own.

Free Falasteen and Free Tibet! Not tomorrow, today!