Jack A.



Though we don’t celebrate a lot of Chinese traditions such as visiting our ancestors grave, or eating certain foods for Chinese New Year, my mom has her own special and fun tradition that she has been practicing with my cousins and I since we were little. In order to blend the Western (USA) culture with her Hong Kong roots, every Chinese New Year my mom sets up her own red envelope game. The game goes like this. There are 50 red envelopes (we have a small family with only 7 cousins and myself) each containing a random bill. Within those 50 envelopes there are always two $100 Bills, two $50 bills, twenty $20 dollar bills, and the rest will be $5 and $1 bills. Every cousin gets to choose two random envelopes to keep, and test their luck. One year I got lucky and got the $100 bill and $50 bill, so it’s become a family joke that I have all the luck. This has been a fun Chinese American tradition in my family, and still continues every Chinese New Year.