Kelly D.



Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on my heritage. I’m mixed. My mom is from Singapore and I grew up in a very non-diverse area. My mom, a very spirited woman, brought her rich culture in our home; sharing through food, stories, trips, and traditions.

Visiting Singapore to see my family has always been a highlight for me. It’s easily my favorite place to visit. Those trips are like diving into another part of who I am, a part that I don’t always see day-to-day. I get giddy (and hungry) thinking about the next time I get to be there with my family. My aunt Tina keeps me up to date on the things she thinks I will enjoy on my next visit.

The real journey of self-discovery is through my mom. She moved to the US on her own and every adventure she shares about her life makes me feel closer to Singapore. Singapore is very different today than it was during her upbringing, and I enjoy learning about the evolution. Honestly, being exceptionally curious about her fascinating life has been my window into our culture. She’s simply remarkable.

Here’s to embracing where we come from and the amazing people who make us proud of our heritage.