Michael L.





My name is Michael Luo, and I grew up speaking Cantonese. Coming to Chinatown always feels like coming home because I can speak my mother tongue. However, over time, newer generations have started speaking less Cantonese with their families. Many of them likely don’t know Cantonese idioms, which carry rich cultural backgrounds. This phenomenon is evident within Chinatown.

A language encompasses more than just words; it holds history, culture, love, and our spirit. For example, the lion dance originated in Foshan, Guangdong, where Cantonese is spoken.

Every day, I listen to Singtao radio and watch news on KTSF. I also introduce these channels to my younger cousins and their children, encouraging them to speak Cantonese at home.

Additionally, I distribute New Year couplets in Cantonese during the Chinese New Year Festivals in San Francisco and Oakland Chinatowns. This initiative helps the younger generation connect with their roots and appreciate our Cantonese culture and heritage.