Wendy T.



“It’s All About the Food”

We eat
then eat some more
eyes delighting
over each new dish
pretending patience
till our favorites come round
polite directional skirmishes
with the lazy susan
no dinner plate empty
even if you’re full
watch out
someone will say oh here
want the last one?
no no you take it
no no it’s yours
as it lovingly lands on your plate
deaf to your protests
or maybe they won’t even ask and
food will simply appear
when you’re looking the other way
a caring grin enjoys your surprise
food is love
don’t you know?
I serve you
you serve me
gifts given and received
we feast together
full tummies
are love embodied
let’s celebrate
over steaming plates of love
deliciously disguised
as lobster
beef and pea shoots
honey walnut shrimp
green beans and pork
a perfectly steamed fish.

©2024 WLT