Andy W.



In my apartment, I proudly display a growing collection of pin back buttons, posters, and other objects from Asian American protests and movements. It all began when I came across a magazine from 1980 called Gay Insurgent. Its cover featured an image of Asian Americans marching with a sign that read, “We’re Asians, gay & proud.” It was an astonishing sight – queer Asian activism stretched back much further than I realized! It also ignited my interest in collecting other works of Asian Americans on the frontlines.

As I look through old photos and newsletters, I bear witness to the struggles and victories of these trailblazers, and I learn more about our histories of resistance against unfair labor practices, police brutality, displacement, and other injustices. Each item serves as a poignant reminder that Asian Americans have never been silent in the face of oppression. Their activism, spanning decades, if not centuries, inspires me in my current work at Stop AAPI Hate. We have always been fighting, and I’m honored to continue that fight.