Ethan P.



Remember your ancestors. It’s the most powerful form of resistance there is.

Remember your ancestors. They will keep you on the right path.

Remember your ancestors. They endured pain to make room for change.

Remember your ancestors. Use the space they gave you. Make change.

My grandmother is now dead, and I wish I asked her questions when I could have. I know that everyone says it, but there really are so many stories that I’ll never get to hear, so many things I’ll be left to wonder forever. Something about not knowing your family’s history for certain hurts. I don’t know whether we were enslaved or free, escaping persecution or being persecuted. I don’t know what was used against them, what tools were in place to keep them in line. So, in a way, I don’t know what tools will be used against me. History repeats itself. To have a guide is to have a winning advantage.