Angela K.



Acts of Kindness: How Angela King is Making a Difference in Her Community 

In a world where negativity often dominates the headlines, there are inspiring stories of individuals who dedicate their lives to making a positive impact. One such story is of Angela King, a hardworking mom of four who turned her own struggles into a mission to uplift her community through acts of kindness. 

A Journey of Healing Through Service 

“I am just a typical hard working mom of four, trying to make a living and going through the motions of everyday life,” Angela begins. Her journey of giving back started from a place of personal pain. “As I found myself spiraling deeper into depression, I knew there had to be a way to ‘cure’ it naturally. After many sleepless nights and getting hospitalized, I realized the way to start healing was by serving others.” 

This realization led her to create “Giving Thursdays,” a day dedicated each week to helping others with cleaning, running errands, and completing chores. These acts of kindness have become a lifeline, not only for those she helps but also for her own mental well-being. 

Overcoming Challenges and Building Trust 

Starting out was not without its challenges. “At first, I got a lot of interest in my free services but untrusting elderly clients,” she recalls. Building trust took time and consistency. “After a while of weekly updates, they finally trusted me that I was a real person. I completely understand as there are so many scammers out there lately, but I am the real deal. I literally want nothing in return other than to see joy on my clients’ faces and all I do is FREE!”

Her persistence paid off, and soon she formed deep connections with the people she helped. “A few elderly women that I met actually said I could call them my GRANDMA. It melted my heart!” 

Impacting Lives and Spreading Hope 

The impact of her work is evident in the responses from her community. “I honestly see that the few individuals that I helped are now more optimistic about humanity. I gave them hope that there are still good people out there in the world.” This newfound optimism is a testament to the power of genuine kindness. 

Her motivation to continue this work comes from the happiness she brings to others. “The pure happiness that I bring to individuals. I see gratefulness and their faces lighting up when I finish with my free cleaning services. It will always motivate me!” 

A Vision for a Kinder Future 

Angela envisions a future where acts of kindness are commonplace and communities come together to solve problems. “I want others to know, spreading kindness is easy. It’s as easy as, ‘Wow, that’s an unshoveled driveway. Maybe I should go shovel.’ Or, ‘Wow, that yard has a lot of weeds, I should go pull them out or offer to mow the lawn.’ I want my community to step up more and solve problems we see, instead of just complain or talk bad about it.” 

Her advice to others looking to make a positive impact is simple: “Just do it! Just knock on that neighbor’s door or send that text/email asking how you can help!” 

Looking Ahead 

Excited about the future, Angela shares, “I cannot wait to see how I can officially start my non-profit and get funding so I can expand the resources with my free services!” Her vision includes more structured support and resources to extend her reach and help even more people. 

She challenges everyone to get involved. “I challenge others to just do it! Don’t talk bad or complain about the neighbor’s yard. Go offer help instead and pass on the kindness!” 

A Sweet Side of Kindness: Emergency Mini Treats 

Beyond her acts of kindness, Angela is also the owner of a food truck called Emergency Mini Treats. But it’s not your ordinary food truck. Inspired by her kids, she created a firetruck-themed food truck that has become a local favorite. Emergency Mini Treats will be featured on Fox News/Channel 2 on 4/26/24 for Food Truck Fridays. Be sure to check them out!

Angela also extends her encouragement to law enforcement, recognizing their vital role in the community by donating some of her treats to local police/fire departments. She believes that acts of kindness and support for one another, including law enforcement officers, can help build a stronger, more cohesive community.

This remarkable story is a powerful reminder that one person’s efforts can spark a wave of kindness and hope in a community. Through her dedication and compassion, Angela is not only healing herself but also creating a better world for those around her.