Anny Z.





我的名字叫Anny Zhang, 虽然我来美国不是很久,但是我已经很融入了美国的文化,特别是三藩市唐人街社区。刚来美时,没有太多对美国和英语的了解,我不知道我应该如何开始。但是,转机往往比困难多!三藩市唐人街的社群和社区给予了我很大的鼓励,希望与动力,这些力量促使我努力和开心地生活。




My name is Anny Zhang. Although I haven’t been in the U.S. as long as others, I’ve already embraced American culture, particularly within the San Francisco Chinatown community. When I first arrived, I faced challenges due to minimal language skills and cultural understanding. However, the San Francisco Chinatown community welcomed me with open arms, providing encouragement, hope, and motivation to improve my life.

Like many others, I juggle multiple jobs. One of them is as an Outreach Specialist for Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA). In this role, I share important and up-to-date community engagement events and news. I also participate in and promote the immigrant rights team’s community workshops.

Another significant aspect of my life is my involvement in the arts. I am a dance member in the performance group affiliated with the Chinese American Association of Commerce and the American Asian Elderly Humanitarian Society. Joining community events and being actively involved highlights the solidarity of my roots as an AAPI member and as a Chinese individual.

My journey has not been easy, but I believe that with hope, solidarity, and love, my life in the U.S. will continue to improve.